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Covermaster protective padding has multiple installation options to suit your venues needs.



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+61 2 4324 5266

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1, 8 Yandina Road
West Gosford
NSW 2250 Australia

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+61 2 4325 0004

Plywood Backed Wall Pads

Plywood backed pads are permanently mounted to the wall with a standard 1" lip at the top and bottom for easy installation. Pads are most commonly 7' wide by 5' or 6' high. Custom sizes are available.

Sewn Wall Mats Grommets

Sewn wall mats are double stitched products that can be made in any size up to 4' x 6' and are easier to installation than the plywood backed pads. An integral vinyl flap on the top and bottom of the pad has grommets to allow for easy installation. Custom sizes are available.

Z Clip Mounting System

This system makes it easier to install and remove plywood backed wall pads. the top 1" lip has been replaced by the Z Clip Mounting System. This mounting system eliminates any unsightly mounting hardware or trim at the top of the pad for a clean smooth look. Individual panels are easily removed for future service vinyl repair.

Sewn Wall Mats - Velcro

Pads are used in combination with Velcro strips to make mounting and removal a breeze. Loop Velcro fasteners are sewn to the backside of the pads for mounting to the Velcro strips, which are mounted permanently to the wall with the appropriate anchors.

Padding Cut Outs and Inserts

What do you do when you need to place a pad on a wall that has an outlet or fire alarm or some other area that cannot be covered up? You use a cutout to leave a hole in the pad for that area to remain exposed. Available in two formats, field installed and factory installed, the field Cutout Insert is a Covermaster exclusive and allows for quick and easy adjustments to padding during installation.

Fire Retardant

With fire safety in mind, we use the same fire retardant 14oz vinyl covering for all indoor padding. Our fire retardant foam core option takes safety to the next level. Once you’ve chosen wood backed or sewn padding and which mounting system to use, you will need to choose a standard 2” hi-impact foam core or Class A rated fire retardant foam core.