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Since 1985 the Evergreen Original turf growth blanket patented cover has set the standard for turf covers in the turf industry.



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+61 2 4324 5266

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+61 2 4325 0004

Unlike competing covers, it works just like a greenhouse by allowing sun, air and moisture to penetrate the cover and reach the turf. This effect also allows any excess heat to be released through its unique lace coating.

Evergreen Radiant is very effective for all types of climate and is extremely efficient for locations with a higher average fluctuation in temperature. It also features stronger UV inhibitors which help to both protect the cover and give it longer durability. It has a 12 year pro-rated warranty and includes our exclusive pink powder coated anchor pegs for easy installation and high visibility for removal.

Smart Edge Technology

Only Evergreen has the revolutionary Smart Edge Technology. The secret is the patented lace coating, which provides integrity for the cover, without the need for hems and grommets. The cover will not pull apart in the middle, providing protection against turf damage. It also provides for the right amount of ventilation; since the lace coating eliminates the need for an airflow reducing tight construction weave of the fabric. Every Evergreen can be cut or shaped with ordinary scissors, without the edges fraying or damaging the cover.

Maximum Coverage

Evergreen covers are designed to provide a protective barrier for all types of turf. They are a perfect complement to any turf management program. Evergreen shields the area from adverse growing conditions, including human and wildlife interference, seed dispersal and environmental concerns, like fertilizer run-off.

Material and Design

Evergreen covers are made of a translucent polyethylene material with a patented lace coating. Each cover is uniquely woven to be both permeable as well as protective. The covers are UV treated, rot and mildew resistant and will not show any significant wear or degradation by sunlight, even after years of regular use. No other cover looks or performs like Evergreen.

Winter Protection

Evergreen was originally developed for winter protection and performs with outstanding results against the harsh effects of this season. Evergreen will protect your turf from wind desiccation, erosion, frost and winter kill. It is also very cost effective during these months, by limiting maintenance fees when turf is dormant and producing quicker spring openings for greens by 2 - 3 weeks.

Frost Protection

Evergreen is very effective in regions which experience any period of frost. If there is a sudden drop in temperature causing frost formation, Evergreen should be applied just prior and remain down until the temperature begins to rise to somewhat normal conditions. Evergreen can be laid down and removed easily and can protect against frost shock or can be used to re-establish turf after the damage has been done. The ease of installation allows for quicker response to changing weather conditions, protecting your turf no matter the season.

Earlier Green-Ups

The warm temperature that the cover provides creates a greenhouse effect for the turf. Faster growth for the turf creates earlier spring green ups. As well, it can delay fall dormancy. This greenhouse effect creates a longer growing season for the turf and it will produce thicker turf with better colour.

7 year warranty.


Exclusive pink powder coated anchor pegs for easy installation and high visibility for removal.

Recommended Accessories

Handling - Tarp Machine (a tool that’s a must for frequent users of tarps or where manpower is not readily available) and TarpMate (strong and lightweight roller)

Storage Cover - A separate, flat cover is an available option with each raincover to protect it against the sun during storage. It is also useful to protect the raincover when rolling it across the warning track. A fitted vinyl cover, suitable to display advertising messages or sponsors' logos, is optional.

Material Properties Value
Construction 9 x 3.2 tapes/inch
Unit Weight 2.4 oz/sq.yd.
Coating 1.0 mil (Lace Coated)
Tensile Strength 100 x 65 ASTM D1682-64
Tear Strength 50 ASTM D2261-71
Porosity 35.7 cm3/cm2/sec
Colour White