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To remove a sports floor cover from the floor, simply attach each cover section to its roller and wind it back up with the two standard hand cranks.



Phone Jayline Australia on +61 2 4324 5266

+61 2 4324 5266

Jayline Australia 1, 8 Yandina Road, West Gosford NSW 2250, Australia

1, 8 Yandina Road
West Gosford
NSW 2250 Australia

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+61 2 4325 0004

It's Easy to Remove a Sports Floor Cover...With PowerMate Power Winder

Or get the optional PowerMate, a heavy duty power winder with as much as 270 ft-lb of torque that handles the largest and heaviest of gym floor covers. It makes an easy job even easier!

PowerMate Power Winder Features

  • Portable power winder
  • One-hand operation when engaged
  • Power assists in rolling up cover sections
  • Special adapter head fits inside roller end
  • Forward/reverse switch
  • Light, compact design
  • Includes plastic storage/carrying case
  • Slotted, 6" long coupler secures a connection

Lifetime Warranty

Properties Value
Dimensions 17.3" x 3.3" x 7.7"
Weight: 7.7 lbs.
Noise Rating Emission at workplace 83db
Motor 110V/1200W/50-60Hz, Forward/Reverse Switch, Thermal Overload protection, automatic disconnect includes reset button
Gear Head Automatic infinitely variable rotation of 35-27 rpm
Gear Plastic coated aluminum
Storage Includes storage/carrying case
Housing Bright yellow glass fibre reinforced