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Frequently asked questions about our Ground Stabilisation products.



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Can you drive cars on COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation, or is it just for walking?


You can drive and park cars and trucks on the COREgravel product. Even without being filled it can withstand up to 40 tons of pressure. After being filled, COREgravel ground stabilisation can withstand 100-200 tons of pressure dependent on product solution. Our honeycomb CORE6 design offers superior strength.

Is COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation environmentally friendly?


COREgravel ground stabilisation provides a porous paving solutions which returns water back to the environment where it belongs, instead of pooling or causing the flooding problems of traditional pavement installations. In addition COREgravel is recyclable virgin Polypropeline which is UV and heat resistant thusly not easily broken down so will not leak toxins into the environment.

Are COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation installations easy to maintain?


While you do not have the rutting and aggregate migration of traditional gravel installations, you still need to occasionally rake the gravel. If you can see the COREgravel ground stabilisation structure, you should rake the gravel to completely cover the honeycomb, thus preventing damage.

What is COREgravel/turf stabilisation made from?

COREgravel ground stabilisation is made from Virgin Polypropylene, which means this product is recyclable and will not leak any toxins into the environment.

Some product options use recycle material - refer specifications

What is the maximum slope for ground/turf stabilisation installation?

Slopes are okay, but no more than 20° for best results.

Is COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation easy to install?

We have a unique interlocking system which makes installation of our sheets a "snap". Installation conditions vary and may require some engineering or other professional input, so we recommend our product be installed by professionals.

What type of COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation should I use?

We recommend ground/turf 10mm or below, such as pea gravel or crushed angular gravel, to be used to fill the 38 mm cells. We also have 50mm cells for larger size gravel or aggregates.

What size is the sheet of COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation?

We often sell our COREgravel stabiliser panels in 2 sizes:

  • BIG – 31.5 x 47.2 inches (800 x 1200mm)
  • JUMBO – 47.2 x 94.5 inches (1200 x 2400mm)

Custom sizes are also available.

Does COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation product meet the requirements for SUDS?


Our products are compatible with Sustainable (Urban) Drainage Solutions. Core6™ Landsape Systems are porous surfaces. SUDS can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction and advantage between the two is: Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface.

Learn more here:

  • UK Environment Agency: Sustainable Drainage Systems
  • Construction Industry Research and Information Association (CIRIA): Benefits of pervious surfaces

Is COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation a porous paving solution?


Water runs through the gravel and geotextile membrane across the ENTIRE surface so this is a true porous paving product.
"Pervious surfaces can be either porous or permeable. The important distinction between the two is:

  • Porous surfacing is a surface that infiltrates water across the entire surface.
  • Permeable surfacing is formed of material that is itself impervious to water but, by virtue of voids formed through the surface, allows infiltration through the pattern of voids."
  • -CIRIA (the construction industry research and information association)

Can I use COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation for an ADA-compliant surface?


Soft surfaces are difficult for people with mobility impairments to negotiate and therefore should be avoided. COREgravel allows a natural look, yet still able to be navigated by road bicycles, strollers, and wheelchairs not designed for outdoor terrain. The ADAAG states, "materials stabilised and retained by permanent or temporary geotextiles (mesh), gridforms, or similar construction may perform satisfactorily for persons using wheelchairs and walking aids."

What about weeds, will they grow through the ground/turf stabilisation?


The geotextile membrane material that is fused to the bottom of COREgravel prevents weed growth.

What are the temperature ranges for COREgravel ground/turf stabilisation?

-45C and +70C