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Terratrak – FB has been designed to withstand the weight and stress exerted by heavy forklifts and cranes.



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+61 2 4324 5266

Jayline Australia 1, 8 Yandina Road, West Gosford NSW 2250, Australia

1, 8 Yandina Road
West Gosford
NSW 2250 Australia

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+61 2 4325 0004

Terratrak FB Heavy Duty Mats For Oil &Amp; Gas, Mining And Construction

It is light enough to be put in position by hand, and with its overlapping design and unique locking system it creates a continuous surface free from gaps and other potential trip hazards.

Culminating in 20 years of experience in the temporary roadway industry, we have used the latest computer aided design and testing to create a product that meets all the challenges and requirements for Oil & Gas, Construction and Mining industries.

Terratrak FB Specifications

Items Specifications

Physical Size: 1.21m X 1.21m X 38mm

Prior to shipping, Terratrak Plus and Terratrak FB are bolted into 2's. The bolted panels are shipped on pallets. Each tile has a usable surface when fitted of 2.42m² (2.2m X 1.1m).


Terratrak Plus - 23kgs per title, 46kgs per panel of 2

Terratrak FB - 20kgs per title, 40kgs per panel of 2


Terratrak Plus - Virgin High Density, Polyethylene with UV stabiliser

Terratrak FB - Virgin High Density, Polyethylene with UV stabiliser

Method of Manufacture Injection modulded using a blowing agent, which produces an engineering foam modulding with strength enhancing cellular core.
Temperature Range -20°C to 45°C(-4°F to 113°F)
Static Loading

Terratrak Plus - point load 1173kg/20mm diameter, spread 164kn/150mm square (7288kn/m²)

Terratrak Plus - point load 845kg/20mm diameter, spread 118kn/150mm square (5247kn/m²)

Colours Translucent or Grey
Cleaning High pressure water spray washer
Warranty/Life Expectancy

1 year on panel (6 months on Camlocks)

Realistic life expectancy of 10 years