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Eco-Flex Yukon Overlap Mats are specially designed to provide a permanent or temporary heavy duty surface solution.



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+61 2 4324 5266

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1, 8 Yandina Road
West Gosford
NSW 2250 Australia

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+61 2 4325 0004

These mats are manufactured with a unique over-underlapping linking system, which ensures the connection between the mat is level and secure.

Rubber Yukon Overlap Mats are perfect for many applications which include shop flooring, parking lots, staging areas, helicopter pads or even aeroplane runways. The surface is textured to provide excellent traction for all traffic types.

Product No WidthLengthHeightWeight
011-YUKON-OL 2.44 m 4.27 m 102 mm 1043 kg

Yukon Overlap Mat Features

  • Handling: Easily manoeuvred by forks, picker or crane.
  • Lifting Lugs: (4) Heavy duty lifting lugs embedded into the mat. (Optional)
  • Identification: Serial number identification on each mat.
  • Temperature: No adverse physical effects, although the stiffness will increase at extreme freezing temperatures. The mats can be removed during freezing conditions, as rubber will not bond to ice and snow.
  • Absorption Characteristics: The ability to resist most liquids including water, petroleum products and insects. These key characteristics reducing cross contamination and cleaning labour costs when moving the mats from site to site.
  • Insulating Value: Rubber is a natural insulator which gives our Yukon’s an estimated R60 insulation value. In the spring months, this allows the ground to stay colder longer enabling the temporary road to be in-service for a longer period.
  • Rigidity: Reinforced with a patented rigid spine.

A single Eco-Flex Yukon Mat is made from approximately 250 recycled rubber tyres. With industries being pushed to use sustainable products made from recycled materials, there is now another solution other than mats made from composite, steel and wood. The recycled tyre rubber crumb recycled is primary petroleum based and by using a material base like this in our Yukon Mats proves to be a perfect sustainable product for the Oil & Gas Industry, Construction and Mining industries. By using recyclable materials in any business activity offers a better marketing image to the general public and your customers. Rubber Yukon Mats are proven to be higher quality in comparison to conventional manufacturing techniques and materials.